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Meet Lucy, RAA Graduate UX/UI Designer

Lucy is a Graduate UX/UI Designer at RAA. She shares what she has enjoyed so far in RAA’s Graduate Program, including on…

Meet Erin, RAA Graduate UX/UI Designer

Erin shares her experience as a Graduate UX/UI Designer in the Digital team, and how she makes the most of the flexibili…

Meet Zoe, RAA Digital Insights Analyst

Zoe shares her journey at RAA from Summer Intern to Digital Insights Analyst, and why she chose RAA to start her career …

Meet James, RAA Innovation Coordinator

James, one of our Innovation Coordinators shares how RAA’s Summer Internship Program has given him the opportunity to do…

Meet Ryan, RAA Graduate Web Developer

Ryan shares what he loves about RAA’s Graduate Program, including diverse rotations in different teams to explore career…

Make a Move that Matters – Digital Careers at RAA

RAA is a trusted South Australian success story, and it’s is growing – fast. We’re already a complex and robust business…

Make a Move that Matters – Early Careers at RAA

At RAA, we give our students, interns and graduates the opportunity to start making that difference from day one.

Make a Move that Matters – RAA’s People Promise

We’re all looking to make a difference through the work we do.